Why Convert to SQL Based Systems

QUESTION: Why was SQL Justice developed?

ANSWER: Because Access database table structures are proving to be very sensitive to different networks. Their instance of corruption is very high and nothing can be done about it. This gives users a lot of aggravation. Access tables require a heavy amount of data to be passed across a network every time a user requests information from a database. In contrast SQL tables, in actual tests, have proven to reduce network loading by a factor of one hundred. In other words, accessing and manipulating data in an Access table requires 100 times more network traffic than for the same kind of data manipulation when utilizing a SQL table. Because of the high network demands, Access has also proven to be unusable for RF or CDPD connections to mobile computers.

QUESTION: How long can I expect the Justice system to serve my department?

ANSWER: The industry is fast going towards SQL, and away from Access for application programs of any size. Justice should last your department for many years as its part of the mature Microsoft Server product offering. Future upgrades and enhancements to Justice will be free and are available to users from our web site for departments with maintenance contracts. Justice is now a standardized nationwide system with greatly improved performance, features, and reliability.

QUESTION: How will Justice work with portable computers?

ANSWER: Because Justice is based completely on SQL, almost anything is possible. Contact us to learn about how our prodcuts can be accessed over terminal server and used on mobile networks.

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