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CMI Mobile (Justice-Lite) Information 
February 2010 

CMI offers a MS Terminal Services Mobile Data solution that utilizes built-in XP technology to access Justice data via the internet through a RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) to any MS TS Windows Server 2003/2008. The basic idea is that the wireless laptop in the car sets up a remote desktop connection to the server via the internet and runs the Justice Lite application remotely on the server. The remote wireless laptop only sends mouse clicks/key stokes and receives back updated screen shots from the server which is running the Justice Lite application. For this reason, a powerful PC is NOT needed in the car because all of the application processing is performed at the server. 

Internet access may be obtained through a local internet service provider using either dial-up or a DSL link. 

Multiple wireless remote laptops operating RDC's simultaneously access individual virtual sessions in memory on the MS TS (Terminal Server)Win2003/2008 server. Everything is done in memory on the Server, not in the car. MS Terminal Services Windows Server 2003/2008 is activated on the Server with “TS CALs” (client access licenses) purchased from Microsoft at about $400 for 5-pack licenses per Device. Government pricing is available. Link:(

Departments using Tailored Solutions (TS)’ ForseCom have the option of running plates, registrations and stolen property from their Justice-Lite application. Additional state licenses are required and a$100/per laptop charge is required by TS. Each virtual mobile session (each mobile accessing the system) will have its own copy of Justice Lite and ForseCom RSS running in its own memory space. 

Agencies using CMI’s CAD application can view Active, Waiting, and Available/Unit Status in Justice Lite. CMI can demo any of the Justice systems from our server in Seattle if you have an internet XP connection available. Please contact us to schedule a demo, you will be impressed. Note: Server port# 3389 must be open for both in and out bound traffic if your firewall is active. 

Security for Terminal Services includes Encryption, specific MS Windows Authentication, and CMI database login security. 

Individual application screens look similar to the normal Justice screens. Search requests are sent to the base station which in turn transfers them to the SQL server. Search results are sent back to the car via the base station. Each individual record takes about three seconds for the round trip. Larger searches may take longer. 

Justice application that are available include Central Data, Master Name, Locator, Passdown, Tickets, Vehicles, Field Contacts and Hazmat. CAD Status board viewing includes Active & Waiting calls, Available Unit Status and inter-car messaging. Officers may send queries for plates and registrations (both in/out of state). Officers can also change their own status at the dispatch center without bothering the dispatcher. 

Each laptop has its own two letter identifier which enables car-to-car transmissions between individual mobile terminal laptops. 

Photos are stored in local PC’s to reduce transmission times. Individual photos may be transmitted. Each laptop has its ForseCom and Justice Mobile software. A suggested laptop is the Panasonic Tough Book. Microsoft’s Access is required. 

Besides the cost of the laptops and wireless internet access costs; there are costs from Tailored Solutions for the individual ForseCom workstations and from Custom Micro Inc. (CMI) for Justice Lite and Mobile Gateway software/licensing. 

CMI software costs** 
Mobile Terminals     $ 350ea. or $1,500 (5-pack)  
Mobile License/Gateway   $ 19,500 (Justice Lite)
Total (for 5 mobiles)   $ 21,250 + Installation*

Installation/Setup* and/or Maintenance after Installation --> $795/day + (Per Diem, if we have to come on-site) 

An Annual License/Maintenance fee of 10% will also apply. 

*Typically 2-3 days
**These costs do not include connection to the state switch for messaging or running plates & wants.

Call Tailored Solutions at 503-391-7177, for costs related to ForseCom.

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