Device Provisioning

devices using the iOS and Android app require a one-time authorization and provisioning to provide an extra level of security and features.

1: Provide an AgencyID
This ID will connect to a lookup server that will reply with an encrypted connection IP address/URL for the server location. This may be a public IP or internal IP located in a DMZ network. A VPN connection may be required to be made before this step may be taken.

Step 2
: Provide Device Information
Provide information about  the user of the device that will be associated with the request.


Step 3: Wait for Approval

The agency administrator contact will receive the request via email and will login to the secure Administration Console to approve or deny the request.

Step 4:  Login to the App with CMI Credentials

After the provisioning request is approved an email is sent to the user - and the application screen will automatically refresh to show a login screen.


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