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We are excited about our new Justice Web Application that will provide a more robust solution for mobile and remote users.  This new product will allow for searching and viewing Master Name, Incident, and Dispatch data and will provide License plate and driver license lookup along with many new features being developed for deployment.

Our Preview Demo contains dummy data that serves to show your agency how powerful and simple it will be for your mobile users to access information stored within SQL Justice.



Master Name Records        
Plates & People        
Device Provisioning Option        
Advanced Authentication Option        
DMZ Deployment Option        
VPN Access Only Option        
Access List/ IP Restictions        
Login Auditing        
User-to-User Messaging      Q4  Q4
Read-Only Option        
Editable-Field Update Option        
Geo-Location Data Insertion      2015  2015
Device Camera Access/ Asset Insert      2015  2015
GPS Mobile Vehicle Location
     2015 2015
Usage and Auditing Reports        
Daily Usage Reports Emailed to Admin        
Provisioning Notification Services        
User Lockout Options        
Logout Threshold Settings        
Minimal Data Shown    
Extended Logout Threshhold    
Provisioned Devices        
GPS Mobile Vehicle Location      2015 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a replacement to the existing desktop application?
No. This is a utility application and meant to serve mobile users on 7"-10" tablets when in the field. A future product will be developed to serve as a migration path for desktop users.
When will all features be available for use on my network?
The preview DEMO is available now for review and input by current CMI customers. We are also deploying BETA environments in several agencies for testing and quality assurance of the product. We plan to have the product available for installation in production environments starting July 1, 2014.
What changes will be required in my SQL JUSTICE environment?
Requirements for the web app include the installation of a Microsoft IIS Web Server in your network and configuration and setup of security and best practices for remote user access. The software has layered security options that can be configured to only accept requests from users connected to a VPN network, or can restrict access based on IP addresses, or only allow connection from devices that have been provisioned. We will work with your IT department to implement the best mix of security for your agency.
What is the cost for licensing of this product?
Licensing is required for your agency and for each user connecting. An annual support maintenance fee will ensure the application is kept up to date with both security and web standards best practices. Contact us for a quote for licensing for your agency.
Do you have other features in development?
We are working to complete this utility version with read-only access and features by the end of Q2. Other features will be deployed and added to the product as enhancements and extended features are developed.

Example Screens:

Technology Partnership Integrated LEDs Lookups Cop View Units Screen Cop View Active Call Screen COP View Dispatch History COP View with Photo Layer Dispatch Board Dispatch Detail Screen Driving Directions Incident Search Screen Pull DMV Photos to Name Record Name Record Details JusticeConnect Menu Options eCitation Feature


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