Frequently Asked Questions 
Company Background:
What is Custom Micro Interactive?
Software developer of custom applications for use by public safety agencies.
How long has Custom Micro been in this business?
Custom Micro, Inc. was formed during 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida as a software provider to public safety agencies.
How much experience does Custom Micro have in software development?
We have designed, written, tested, installed, and supported PC based applications in more than 200 agencies in twelve states. View a partial list of our customers.
What is CMI's primary business?
Providing software based solutions to public saftey agencies is our only business.

Basic Information:
I'm interested in CMI's software, but how much does it cost?
The cost of software is based upon the number of software licenses, customization requested by an individual agency, and on-site services. You can request a proposal for your agency on-line at any time.
What documentation and product tutorials are provided with your software?
All of CMI's software applications come with integrated help files that can be viewed or printed.
I'm interested in CMI's software, but do not want to lose my existing data?
Data conversion is an optional service offered by CMI. Our applications can read data from most other ODBC databases. The preferred format for your data is text comma delimited. This is the industry standard format for ODBC databases. Data stored in other proprietary format may not be convertible. Normally, the charge for the data conversion ranges between $1,000 to $7,500. The price is based upon your data’s native format, its condition, and the number of records.

What development languages and databases does CMI use?
We use the latest versions of Microsoft's Visual Basic, Access, and SQL Server.
What operating system will run Custom Micro's applications?
Our applications are PC based and will run under Windows Operating Systems.
What are the minimum system requirements to install and operate CMI's software?
Our applications are PC network based and will run on a computer properly configured for all Windows Operating Systems from Windows NT through Windows 8.

Products and Services:
Is CMI's software compatible with other applications, spreadsheets, word processing, or report generators, etc.?
Our applications are PC based and will run without conflict with any other software application intended to be run under Windows Operatign Systems.
How does CMI suggest handling data back-up and recovery?
Clients normally perform routine data back-ups and recoveries. Emergency recoveries are coordinated with the client and handled in such a way to return the original functionality of our software applications.
What kind of data analysis is built into CMI's software programs?
Advance ad hoc data analysis is part of every software program that will allow data to be analyzed on any set of parameters or fields contained within a program offered by CMI.
What are the reporting capabilities available with CMI's software?
Our records management software applications are certified by several state and federal reporting standards. Please contact CMI directly to inquiry about a specific reporting standard.
What are the possibilities for expanding your software's capability?
Client requested modification or development is available by contacting CMI. All of our software applications are built on open architecture.
Does CMI offer a Mobile Data Terminal Solution?
JusticeLite is currently the mobile MDT application running in the cars. To view this capability run the Training videos on this site "JusticeLite Mobile1" and "JusticeLite Mobile 2". Additionally, a web-based software application with the ability to utilize data from mobile terminals on a real time basis is currently under development. See 'Justice Web' link at the Home page.

What are the technical support options provided by CMI?
Support options include technical assistance, training, user groups, and on-site services. Support is available via phone, fax, or on-line through FAQ, e-mail, or searching the knowledge base.
How does CMI handle requests for technical support?
Server and workstation support is available on a real-time basis using our remote support tool "TeamViewer". We are able to "shadow" the local client by phone remotely using this tool to trouble-shoot on their screen any issues. This on-line remote support is unequalled in the industry.
How does CMI handle software fixes, upgrades, and what are the costs?
CMI provides clients with software fixes as necessary to maintain the functionality of their installed software. Upgrades are also made available for purchase as developed. Clients with current annual maintenance contracts receive upgrades to their installed software without further cost. Software that becomes technologically obsolete (i.e. DOS based applications) are not supported, nor are there any further fixes or upgrades.
How does CMI handle maintenance releases and what costs are associated with ongoing maintenance?
There is no charge for most software updates. Maintenance releases are made available on a per need basis caused by changes to the hardware or operating systems used in conjunction with our software applications. Customization is offered to our clients on a daily basis of $795.
How much, if any, downtime is required for data updates or to back up data files?
The process of updating or backing up data files will not cause any system downtime. During the back up process, users may still run queries and perform updates.

What documentation and product tutorials are provided with your software?
All of CMI's software applications come with integrated help files that can be viewed or printed. This web site contains Training Videos that are prerequisites to user training.

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